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avril 2023
Marquis"Nouvel Album"[Virgin/Universal]
février 2023
VNV Nation"Electric Sun"
novembre 2022
Minuit Machine"Nouvel Album"[Synth Religion/Warrior Records]
octobre 2022
21/10Simple Minds"Direction of the Heart"[BMG]
21/10Hørd"Sciences"[Avant! Records]
21/10Noise Unit"Cheeba City Blues"[Artoffact]
21/10Lost In Kiev"Rupture"[Pelagic Records]
21/10A-Ha"True North"[Sony]
14/10Lightning Seeds"See You In The Stars"[BMG]
14/10The Big Moon"Here Is Everything"[Fiction Records]
07/10The Cult"Under The Midnight Sun"[Black Hill Records]
07/10Sorry"Anywhere But Here"[Domino Records]
07/10The Cure"Wish (Deluxe Edition)"[UMC/Fiction/Polydor]
07/10Gilla Band (ex Girl Band)"Most Normal"[Rough Trade]
septembre 2022
30/09Julia, Julia"Derealization"[Suicide Squeeze]
30/09Pixies"Doggerel"[Infectious Music/BMG]
30/09Fujiya & Miyagi"Slight Variations"[Impossible Objects Of Desire]
30/09Blancmange"Private View"[London Music]
23/09FTR"Vicky Vivid Experience"[La Maison Des Corbeaux / Icy Cold Records]
23/09Tim Burgess"Typical Music"[Bella Union]
23/09The Soft Moon"Exister"[Sacred Bones]
23/09PIG"The Merciless Light"[Metropolis]
23/09Cold Gawd"God Get Me the Fuck Out of Here"[Dais Records]
22/09Two Door Cinema Club"Keep On Smiling"[Prolifica / PIAS]
16/09Suede"Autofiction"[Suede Ltd./BMG]
16/09The House of Love"A State of Grace"[Cherry Red Records]
16/09Dominique A"Le Vrai monde"[Cinq7]
14/09Darkswoon"Bloom Decay"[Icy Cold Records]
09/09Oliver Sim"Hideous Bastard"[ Young]
09/09High Vis"Blending"[Dais]
09/09Preoccupations"Arrangements"[Flemish Eye]
09/09The Young Gods"Play Terry Riley In C"[Two Gentlemen]
09/09And Also the Trees"The Bone Carver"[AATT]
02/09Stereolab"Pulse Of The Early Brain [Switched On Volume 5]"[Warp]
02/09The Wedding Present"Hit Parade (Réédition)"[Ony Legacy Records]
01/09Phil Von"Von Magnet"[Unknown Pleasures Records]
août 2022
26/08Melting Palms"Noise Between The Shades"[La Pochette Surprise]
26/08Diamanda Galás"Broken Gargoyles"[Intravenal Sound Operations]
26/08Lisa Gerrard et Marcello De Francisci"Exaudia"[Atlantic Curve]
26/08Sports Team"Gulp!"[Island Records]
26/08Suicide Commando"Goddestruktor"[Out of Line]
26/08Yann Tiersen"Kerber Remixes"[Mute]
26/08Altered Images"Mascara Streakz"
19/08Pencey Sloe"Neglect"[Prophecy Productions]
19/08Röyksopp"Profound Mysteries Pt. II"[PIAS]
12/08Erasure"Day-Glo - Based On A True Story"[Mute]
12/08Coil"Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil"[Dais]
09/08Mount Shrine"All Roads Lead Home"[Cryo Chamber]
05/08Ascending Divers"Watery Domain"[Cyclic Law]
juillet 2022
29/07Death Bells"Between Here And Everywhere"[Dais]
29/07Dekad"Nowhere Lines"[BOREDOMproduct]
29/07Orbital"30 Something"
27/07Plastic Ivy"Aesthetics of the Death Wish"[Kraftjerkz]
22/07Corpus Delicti"The Complete Recordings 1992-1996"[Cleopatra]
22/07SPC ECO"Be The Change"[Autoproduit]
15/07Beabadoobee"Beatopia"[Dirty Hit]
15/07Interpol"The Other Side of Make-Believe"[Matador Record]
15/07Working Men's Club"Fear Fear"[Heavenly Recordings]
15/07Kill Shelter"Asylum"[Manic Depression]
15/07Stephen Mallinder"Tick Tick Tick"[Dais Records]
15/07Indian Wells"No One Really Listens to Oscillators"[Mesh]
14/07Indoor Voices"Falling"[Autoproduit]
08/07Ben Lukas Boysen & Paul Emmerich"The Lazarus Project"[Erased Tapes]
08/07Massive Luxury Overdose "Climax"[Autoproduit]
06/07Social Union"Fall Into Me"[Blackjack Illuminist Records]
05/07Dronny Darko & G M Slater"Dissolving into Solitary Landscapes"[Cryo Chamber]
04/07Boxes Of Blow"Dystopia"[Wave Records]
01/07The Mary Onettes"What I Feel in Some Places"[Welfare Sounds & Records]
01/07Wire"Not About to Die (Studio Demos 1977-1978)"[Pinkflag]
01/07The Wedding Present"Locked Down And Stripped Back Volume Two"[Scopitones]
juin 2022
30/06Amnistia"We All Bleed Red"[9XO Media / Sound Numb]
30/06Fluid Ghost"Persuasion Deluxe"[Mother Solitude Records]
24/06Front 242"<< Rewind <<"[Alfa-Matrix]
24/06Zola Jesus"Arkhon"[Sacred Bones]
24/06Otchim"Rêves Brisées"
24/06Automatic"Excess"[Stones Throw Records]
23/06The Rorschach Garden"Stealth Black"[Ant-Zen]
17/06Fashion Club"Scrutiny"[Felte]
10/06Yann Tiersen"11 5 18 2 5 18"[Mute]
10/06Cold Showers"Strength in Numbers"[Dais]
10/06Film Noir"Palpitant"[Albé Productions/Un Plan Simple]
10/06Conjure One"Innovation Zero"[Black Hole Recordings]
10/06Flint Glass"Azathoth"[Ant-Zen]
10/06Shearwater"The Great Awakening"[Polyborus]
10/06Denner"Shades & Parasols"[Meidosem Records]
10/06Florent Marchet"Garden Party"[Nodiva]
10/06Night Sins"Violet Age"[Born Losers Record]
07/06Fragrance."Salt Water (Live Session 2022)"
03/06Poliça"Madness"[Memphis Industries]
03/06Kangding Ray"Ultrachroma"[ARA]
03/06Votiva Lux"Darkness In The Lighthouse"[Shore Dive Records]
03/06Neila Invo"Alienation"[Young And Cold Records]
mai 2022
27/05Just Mustard"Heart Under"[Partisan Records]
27/05MONO"My Story, The Buraku Story"[Temporary Residence]
27/05PIG"Baptise Bless & Bleed"[Armalyte Industries]
27/05Darkswoon"Eaten By Wolves"[Icy Cold Records]
25/05NNHMN"For the Comfort of your Exstazy"[Young & Cold Records]
20/05Mellano Soyoc"Alive"[Ido Productions]
20/05Shrine"Nausicaä"[Cyclic Law]
20/05Maud Geffray"Ad Astra"[Pan European Recording]
13/05White Flowers"Are You"[Tough Love Records]
13/05Moderat"More D4ta"[Monkeytown]
13/05Atom™"Neuer Mensch"[Raster Noton]
06/05Christian Death"Evil Becomes Rule"[Season Of Mist]
06/05Arcade Fire"We"[Columbia]
06/05Paradox Obscur"Morphogenesis"[Metropolis]
06/05Rhys Fulber"Collapsing Empires"[Sonic Groove]
avril 2022
29/04Archive"Call To Arms & Angels"[PIAS]
29/04X-Marks The Pedwalk"New / End"[Meshwork Music]
29/04Kelly Lee Owens"LP.8"[Smalltown Supersound]
29/04R. Missing"Verónica Pass"
22/04Hatchie"Giving The World Away"[Secretly Canadian]
22/04In The Nursery"Humbertone"[ITN Corporation]
22/04Synapscape"The Stable Mind"[Ant-Zen]
22/04Sylvgheist Maëlström"Gandrange"[HANDS]
22/04Supersimmetria"Double Helix"[Hands]
21/04Bertrand Betsch"J'ai Horreur de l'Amour"[Microcultures/La Centrifugeuse]
15/04Edward Ka-Spel & Motion Kapture"Anagramma"[Rustblade]
15/04Visions in Clouds"Are You Still Watching?"[Little Jig Records / Icy Cold Records]
15/04Primer"Incubator"[Egghunt Records]
08/04Wet Leg"Wet Leg"[Domino Records]
08/04HEALTH"DISCO4 :: PART II"[Loma Vista]
mars 2022
31/03Ultra Romances"Avaler la Mer"
25/03Tyler Bates & Chelsea Wolfe"X (Original Soundtrack)"
25/03Dear Deer"Collect & Reject"[Manic Depression / Swiss Dark Nights]
04/03Vanseveren"The Secret"[Mother Solitude Records]
février 2022
22/02Fatamorgana"Ahora Aquí, Todavía No"[La Vida Es Un Mus]
19/02Ruined Conflict"God + Sinner (Part Two)"[Infacted Recordings]
04/02A Place To Bury Strangers"See Through You"[Dedstrange]
janvier 2022
21/01Chrystabell"Midnight Star"[Love Conquered Records]