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The Divine Comedy premier extrait de "Office Politics"

The Divine Comedy, "Queuejumper", premier extrait de "Office Politics"

Un premier extrait du nouvel album de The Divine Comedy baptisé "Office Politics" qui sortira le 7 juin chez Divine Comedy Records vient d’être dévoilé en vidéo. Il s’agit de "Queuejumper".

1. Queuejumper
2. Office Politics
3. Norman And Norma
4. Absolutely Obsolete
5. Infernal Machines
6. You'll Never Work In This Town Again
7. Psychological Evaluation
8. The Synthesiser Service Centre Super Summer Sale
9. The Life And Soul Of The Party
10. A Feather In Your Cap
11. I'm A Stanger Here
12. Dark Days Are Here Again
13. Philip And Steve's Furniture Removal Company
14. Opportunity' Knox
15. After The Lord Mayor's Show
16. When The Working Day Is Done

1. Whistle For A Wind
2. The Swallow
3. The Conquering Heroes
4. Fighting Swallow
5. The Amazon Pirates
6. The Parley
7. Better Drowned Than Duffers
8. Let's Make The Best Of It
9. Navy Stroke
10. Like Robinson Crusoe
11. Titty's Dream
12. The Conquering Heroes, Victory Chorus
13. The Black Spot
14. The Parley - Flint's Apology
15. Swallows And Amazons Forever

par Christophe Labussière

rédigé le mardi 23/04/2019 à 08:01

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