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Daniel B. Prothese : une nouvelle cassette

Daniel B. Prothese : une nouvelle cassette "3030333_3131333" sortie le 19 mai

Daniel B. Prothese : une nouvelle cassette

Une nouvelle cassette de Daniel B. Prothese est disponible depuis le 19 mai sur le Bandcamp du label Wool-E-Tapes. Limitée à cent-dix exemplaires, "3030333_3131333" (c'est son titre) est beaucoup plus ardue que d'habitude et Daniel lui-même a publié l'avertissement ci-dessous à l'attention de celles et ceux qui le suivent afin d'éviter tout malentendu :

Hi Guys and Girls

Just a note of warning about my upcoming cassette / download release coming out around mid may
On it I approach music in a totally different fashion than i usually do.
More extreme, more noise, more feedback….. longer.
I don't want to discourage , but also don't want to disappoint my followers.
So please listen to the music on Bandcamp before buying or take the plunge into the unknown and be surprised.
The pieces date from different periods , 31.31.333 was made about 5 or 6 years ago (using mostly guitar and feedback + treated electronics/drums/noise).
30.30.333 was made 2 years back and is synths and electronics.
The titles are the length of the pieces.
The goal was to induce a different mental plane thru accumulation and combination.


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